CFML Error Logging

By default, the Logstash appender becomes enabled with the installation of stachebox into an application. In addition, if choosing to run a stachebox instance as a standalone installation, you may install only the logstash module in to your application and configure it to log either directly to the elasticsearch server ( the default, will use the [Elasticsearch configuration options] ) or, to log directly to the stachebox instance API, you may a custom API configuration to your Coldbox configuration file, like so:
moduleSettings = {
"logstash" : {
"transmission" : "api",
"apiUrl" : ",
"apiAuthToken : "[My SECRET Token]"
You may read more about configuring the logstash module here.
In addition, you may configure separate appenders with different logging levels. For example, you might want warn level logging for a custom module, such as authentication. An example configuration of this type of custom appender:
logstash = {
properties = {
// Provide a unique name for the application ( optional ) - useful for filtering shared log indexes
"applicationName" : "myApp-warnings",
// Optional release version
"releaseVersion" : "1.0.0",
// the frequency of index rotation
"rotation" : "weekly",
"levelMin" : "WARN",
"levelMax" : "WARN"
Then, in your top-level logbox configuration you would simply add:
warn = [ "myModule" ]
which would log only warnings from that specific module to the separate -warnings index configured above.
For more granular control and additional information on appenders, see the cbElasticsearch Logging documentation.